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2022 Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pacer Racer Challenge

An amazing opportunity for our up and coming junior optimist sailors being teamed up and mentored by some of Australia's best sailors at the annual Ron Tough Yachting Foundation's Pacer Racer Challenge.

Congratulations to all of the competitors

Overall Results 6th - Axel Fleet and Drina Bucktin 5th - Zac Littlewood and Hudson Armstrong 4th - Mark Whittington and Nicholas Cooper 3rd - Luke Elliott and Murray Duthie 2nd - Monique DeVries and Valerie Van der Hoek 2022 Champions - Congratulations to Conor Nicholas and Lia Rafart and winner of the Belinda Stowell-Brett trophy.

Thank you very much to Matthew Jerwood, Belinda Stowell-Brett, Chelsea Hall and RFBYC for hosting this fantastic opportunity for all of the sailors. Thanks also to all of the coaches and umpires on the water.

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