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The official body that governs the Optimist class of boats is IODA or the International Optimist Dinghy Association. IODA ensures the Optimist Class Rules are observed, they coordinate youth work between member countries and establish and set the conditions for the IODA World and Continental Championships and choose the venues. You can read more about IODA on their website:

In Australia, the Australian International Optimist Dinghy Association (AIODA) is the body that promotes competition and training in optimist sailing within the country. The AIODA website is

Each state in Australia has its own association and we are the Western Australian association, known as WAIODA. We are run by a committee, a group of volunteers with a keen passion for Optimist dinghy sailing. It is our aim to ensure our children and future generations of children get the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures sailing gives, because after all;

  • Sailing is fun. It gives us a great social life, now and for the rest of your days

  • Sailing is for everyone: tall or short, girl or boy

  • Sailing builds self-reliance, physical strength, quick thinking and a love of the environment

WAIODA Objectives

  • Bring Optimist sailors and families together to have some fun!

  • Give sailors access to State, National and International regattas.

  • Help Optimist sailors develop the essential sailing skills and techniques to compete at their best level.

  • Provide sailor rankings updated throughout the sailing season.


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